Our Sectors

We want to help create positive change across every aspect of visitor experience, information and safety. We think this is relevant everywhere, but here are a few of our favourites.


Urban Footfall

Plot journeys, view pedestrian volume and dwell times through any open area.


Stadia Safety

From evacuation planning to facilities optimisation within and around stadia.



Open an immediate dialogue between commuter and transport planner.



Understand visitor experience, habits and demographic within large scale, complex retail areas.

How Does It Work?

Crowded™ utilises the very best in technology to provide an accurate, cost effective pedestrian movement analysis solution that meets the growing demands of both the private and public sectors.

By creating a network of independent sensors we gather over 90% of individuals in most areas and send that raw information directly to Crowded™, which automatically generates visual charts and maps to display the following per location:

  • Visitor volume
  • Visitor dwell times
  • Most popular routes, with average journey times
  • Most popular locations
  • Raw data download

Is It Secure?

With Data Protection and Privacy Law being such a growing concern, Crowded™ was built specifically to protect the personal information of visitors alongside the integrity of the data the service gathers. Any potential personal information is anonymised at source, by the hardware itself. This ensures that no personal information is ever in our possession.

In addition to this, Crowded™ provides the user with all the raw data gathered in .csv format This gives each user the opportunity to observe the integrity of both the data set and the analysis performed by the application.

Capture Movements

Detect and track individuals within a specified zone.

Upload Securely

Stream anonymised data to the cloud for analysis.

View Online

Log-in to view your project information in clear, visual form.

Looking to capture people movement?


Check out the license pricing structure. You can now deploy Crowded™ as a primary service provider with your own branding and a choice of privileges at your disposal. Create your own clients and help them change their areas of interest.

per month
  • Per pair of scanners
  • Unlimited projects
per month
  • Per 20 scanners
  • Unlimited projects
  • Administrative privileges
per month
  • Per 40 Scanners
  • Unlimited projects
  • Create third party clients
  • Unlimited tech support

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